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ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer: Career Detail For Engineers

ANZSCO 261313 Software engineer play a crucial part in digital innovation and are responsible for a wide range of tasks. They ensure that software systems run smoothly from notion to code, testing, deployment, and maintenance. They work closely with stakeholders to convert requirements into complete designs, write effective code, run rigorous tests, and offer ongoing support. Their expertise propels technological advancement and improves the world of technology, rendering them crucial contributors to the ever-changing field of software engineering.ANZSCO 261313 Software engineer develop, test, deploy, and maintain software systems. Drive innovation in the digital landscape.

ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer: Get an in-depth look into this exciting career path for engineers.

Skill level

Level 1

ANZSCO Skill Level 1 classification, the career path of ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer requires a skill level equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent eligibility. In addition to formal education, most employers require at least 5 years of relevant job-related experience in the field.

Skill Assessment Authority

ACS(Australian Computer Society)

The Australian Computer Society is widely regarded as the evaluating authority for this career field. They assess your skills and experience in order to determine how well you satisfy the skill level needed for this specific occupation.


  • Computer Applications Engineer
  • Database Designer
  • Systems Architect

Alternative Titles

  • Software Architect
  • Software Designer

On the Occupation Lists

  • Combined Skilled Occupations List (STSOL MLTSSL)
  • Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
  • RSMS Occupations List (RSMSL)

Not on the Occupation Lists

  • 457-Labor Market Testing Required(LMTL)
  • Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

Occupation under 2613 category

Job outlooks for ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer

Weekly Earning

$ 2003 AUD

Work full time hours


Growth upcoming 5 year

Very strong

Gender share

12% female

87% male

Average full-time

42 hours

Skill level rating

Very High Skill

Average Age

Male: 37

Female: 39

Persons: 37



ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer Visa Provision

Skilled occupation


Assessing authority

189 visa

190 visa






482(TSS medium term)

494(Regional sponsored)

Developer Programmer



English Requirement For ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer

English language test

Overall score

Minimum score



Minimum 6 (learning, reading, writing), 7 speaking 



Minimum B in all sections



Learning: 12

Reading :13

Writing: 21

Speaking: 23



Minimum score 50 in learning, reading, writing, 65 in speaking

Qualification for ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer

  • A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with a specialisation in ICT (information and communication technology) or a closely associated field.
  • A minimum of 5 years of appropriate work experience in software development may be substituted for the formal certification.
  • Related vendor certifications recognised by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) may be combined with experiences to meet the requirements for qualification. For example, certifications such as MCSE, CCNA, and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Task performed by ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer

  • Investigating, analysing, and determining the requirements of the system, programme, and application.
  • Identifying the limitations of technology as well as negative aspects in the system, operations, and guidelines for maintaining the quality.
  • Update and maintain every technical programme, end-user documentation, and functioning document.
  • Troubleshooting, evaluating, and testing errors and limitations, fixing them so they meet the quality standards and ensure proper programme requirements.
  • The development and creation process comes to maintain the structure’s specifications, technical requirements, and system design according to the quality licensed system.


  • Some Australian states and territories may have graduate exemptions, which can provide some assistance for international graduates in terms of job experience specifications for certain jobs.
  • Furthermore, some states and territories may have particular criteria on their Priority Skilled Lists that should be fulfilled before a trade is qualified for sponsorship or a nomination.
  • Citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, and Ireland may be eligible for IELTS or OET exemptions in terms of English proficiency.

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Finally, ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer help shape the technological age we live in today. Their responsibilities extend throughout the software growth the life cycle, from the initial concept to installation and maintenance. They use their expertise and dedication to drive innovation, improve performance, and ensure the dependability of software applications across a variety of industries. As technology advances, software engineers continue to play an important role in determining the development of both society and technology as a whole.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the definition of ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer?

ANZSCO 261313 denotes the position of Software Engineer. Software engineers create, test, use, and maintain software applications to meet user and project requirements.

2. What are the primary responsibilities of a software engineer.

Software engineers are in charge of analysing user requirements, developing software solutions, writing code, evaluation, installing software to production servers, and providing regular upkeep and support.

3. What qualifications and skills are needed to become a software engineer?

Most software engineers have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or another related field. They have strong programming skills, understanding of structures of data and algorithms, experience with developing software tools, and outstanding problem-solving abilities.

4. What are the career prospects for software engineers?

The demand for software engineers is increasing as businesses pursue digital growth and technology-driven solutions. Skilled software engineers have excellent career advancement prospects and can pursue opportunities in a variety of specific fields inside software development and related areas.