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ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson: Career and Visa Details for Australia

ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson are the foundation of civil engineering projects, responsible for transforming the summary designs into detailed technical illustrations. Their duties include a wide range of tasks necessary for the successful completion of infrastructure projects. Civil Engineering Draftspersons play an important role in ensuring that projects run smoothly from conception to completion, from cooperating together with engineers to including revisions based on stakeholder feedback. This introduction sets the stage for delving into the different roles and responsibilities that identify the position of a Civil Engineering Draftsperson.

ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson: Explore career and visa details for Australia.

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    Skill level

    Level 1

    A diploma or equivalent credentials in drafting or a related field, as well as relevant professional experience in the field of civil engineering drafting, are usually needed for this occupation. According to the ANZSCO Skill Level Classification, a competency stage shows that the position needs an important level of knowledge and expertise, and that people in this position will need to have the competency to complete tasks on their own and with excellent precision. 

    Skills Assessment Authority

    For Australia.

    Engineers Australia(EA) is Australia’s Skills Evaluation Authority for Civil Engineering Draftsperson. Engineers Australia(EA) executes a CDR evaluation to figure out if a candidate’s engineering credentials and work experience meet Australian standards.

    For New Zealand.

    Engineering New Zealand evaluates the abilities, credentials, and previous experience of Civil Engineering Draftspersons seeking immigration to New Zealand through the Skilled Migrant Category.


    • Civil Engineering Design Draftsperson
    • Plumbing Engineering Draftsperson
    • Road Design Draftsperson
    • Sewage Reticulation Drafting Officer
    • Structural Engineering Drafting Officer

    On the Occupation Lists:

    • 489 (S/T) Occupations List
    • 482 TSS Visa Medium Term List
    • 407 Training visa occupations List
    • 482 TSS Visa Regional Occupation List
    • 189 Skilled Independent and Family Sponsored
    • 489 Occupations List
    • 485 Graduate Work Stream
    • 190 State/Territory Sponsored
    • 186 ENS Visa Occupations List
    • 187 RSMS Visa Occupations List
    • 491 – Skilled Work Regional visa and subclass 491 
    • 494 – Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (provisional) 
    • subclass 494 – Employer sponsored stream

    Not on the Occupation Lists:

    • 482 TSS Visa Short Term List

    Occupation category under unit group 3122

    Job outlook for ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson

    Weekly earning


    Work full time hours


    Growth in next 5 year


    Gender share

    15% female, 85% male

    Average full-time

    42 Hours

    Skill level rating

    High skills

    Average age

    Male: 39

    Female: 40

    Persons: 39



    Visa option for ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson


    Employer Sponsorship



    489 visa


    457 visa

    Skilled occupation

    ANZSCO code

    Assessing authority

    189 visa

    190 visa



    186 visa(DE)

    494 visa

    All area

    Regional area

    Civil Engineering Draftsperson


    EA(Engineers Australia)

    Visa processing times- months(75%)








    Visa processing times- months(90%)








    English requirement for ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson

    English language test

    Overall score

    Minimum score



    6 (learning, reading, writing), 7 in speaking 



    B in all sections



    Learning: 12

    Reading :13

    Writing: 21

    Speaking: 23



    50 (learning, reading, writing), 65 in speaking

    Qualification Requirement ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson

    • A qualification regarded as equivalent to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Diploma or its equivalent in a field highly relevant to civil engineering drafting. This could be an Associate Degree, Advanced Diploma, or Diploma in Civil Engineering, Engineering Drafting, or a similar field. 
    • In addition to the qualifying diploma (AQF), you must have at least a year of appropriate experience employed as a Civil Engineering Draftsperson within the last five years. 
    • If your degree is not in a highly relevant area, you must have at least 2 years of relevant work experience within the last five. This might be minimised to one year if you have at least an AQF Certificate IV qualification in a relevant field.
    • In some cases, three years of experience can replace the formal qualification requirement; however, this experience must be highly relevant and undoubtedly at the Skill Level 2 ANZSCO standard.

    Task perform by ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson

    • Illustrations, charts, calculations, strategies, and layouts for civil engineering projects including water supply, water distribution, wastewater reticulation, highways, airfields, bridges, dams, and other structures.
    • Civil engineering works are inspected, and repair and maintenance tasks are organised and supervised.
    • Gathering information, evaluation, and determining are all being executed out.
    • Understanding instructions for the job, executing necessary procedures, and choosing suitable equipment.
    • requirements, guidelines, and agreements cover the calculation of materials expenses as well as the ensure of completed works.
    • Field research and laboratory tests are conducted and produced.
    • Gather information for traffic surveys and carry out the field and laboratory analyses on building supplies and soils.


    • Candidates have to be under the age of 45 when they apply, unless they are excluded.
    • Civil engineering draftspeople must hold an appropriate diploma or certificate from a recognised institution.
    • Applicants for migration to Australia have to satisfy likely health and character specifications.
    • Candidates might be qualified for state or territory suggestion, which can result in extra points on their final test score. 

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    Finally, ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson represent the link between conception and the realisation in civil engineering tasks. Their complex responsibilities and duties, ranging from developing accurate technical plans to working with stakeholders and guaranteeing regulatory compliance, are critical to the successful conclusion of infrastructure projects. Civil Engineering Draftspersons, as important collaborators in the construction industry, help shape the built environment and have a long-term impact on the populations that they serve. With their knowledge and dedication, they continue to play an important role in driving advancement and creativity in the field of civil engineering.


    Q1. What qualifications are required to become a ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson?

    A: Typically, a diploma or certificate in civil engineering, drafting, or another comparable field is needed. Expertise in computer-aided design (CAD) software and strong drafting abilities are also required.

     Q2. What industries hire Civil Engineering Draftspersons?

    A: Civil Engineering Draftspersons can work for consulting firms, building-related businesses, government departments, and architectural firms.

    Q3. What is the role of an ANZSCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson in the construction process?

    A: During the constructing phase, Civil Engineering Draftspersons assist by clarifying drawings, answering contractor questions, and ensuring that construction follows the plans and specifications.

    Q4. Are there opportunities to advance in this field?

    A: Yes, Civil Engineering Draftspersons may be able to advance their careers by specialising in areas such as 3D modelling, digital layout, or project management, as well as moving into roles with more responsibility and leadership.