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ANZSCO 312212 Civil Engineering Technician: career details for Australia

In the rapidly changing field of ANZSCO 312212 civil engineering, the role of a Civil Engineering Technician serves as a linchpin, connecting engineers’ visionary plans to the actualities of construction. These experts are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities and play an important role in each phase of construction projects, from idea to completion. Let’s look at their key functions and duties and how they contribute to shaping the structures on which we rely every day.

Career details for ANZSCO 312212 Civil Engineering Technician in Australia

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    Skill level

    Level 1

    Individuals must hold a Certificate III or IV in Civil Engineering Technology or another associated field to fulfil the ANZSCO Skill Level Classification indicating Skill Level 2 prerequisites to become Civil Engineering Technicians in Australia. Furthermore, applicants must have work experience that is relevant in civil engineering technologies or a comparable field, as well as an extensive knowledge of technical rules, approaches, processes, and rules.

    Skills Assessment Authority

    For Australia.

    Engineers Australia(EA) is Australia’s skills evaluation authority for civil engineering technicians. Engineers Australia executes a CDR evaluation to figure out if a candidate’s engineering credentials and work experience meet Australian standards.

    For New Zealand.

    Engineering New Zealand evaluates the expertise, credentials, and work experience for a Civil Engineering Technician seeking migration to New Zealand through the Skilled Migrant Category.


    • Civil Engineering Assistant
    • Civil Laboratory Technician
    • Geotechnical Laboratory Technician

    On the Occupation Lists:

    • 489 (S/T) Occupations List
    • 482 TSS Visa Medium Term List
    • 407 Training visa occupations List
    • 482 TSS Visa Regional Occupation List
    • 189 Skilled Independent and Family Sponsored
    • 489 Occupations List
    • 485 Graduate Work Stream
    • 190 State/Territory Sponsored
    • 186 ENS Visa Occupations List
    • 187 RSMS Visa Occupations List
    • 491 – Skilled Work Regional visa and subclass 491 
    • 494 – Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (provisional) 
    • subclass 494 – Employer sponsored stream

    Not on the Occupation Lists:

    • 482 TSS Visa Short Term List

    Occupation category under unit group 3122

    Job outlooks for ANZSCO 312212 Civil Engineering Technician

    Weekly Earning

    $ 1574

    Work full time hours


    Growth upcoming 5 year


    Gender share

    12% female

    88% male

    Average full-time

    44 hours

    Skill level rating

    High skills

    Average Age

    Male: 39

    Female: 40

    Persons: 39



    ANZSCO 312212 Civil Engineering Technician visa Pathways

    Skilled occupation

    ANZSCO code

    Assessing authority

    189 visa

    190 visa











    (TSS medium term)


    (Regional sponsored)

    Civil Engineering Technicians



    Visa option for ANZSCO 312212 Civil Engineering Technician


    Employer Sponsorship



    489 visa


    482 TSS Visa

    Skilled occupation

    ANZSCO code

    Assessing authority

    189 visa

    190 visa



    186 visa(DE)

    494 visa

    All area

    Regional area

    Civil Engineering Technician



    Visa processing times- months(75%)







    Visa processing times- months(90%)







    English requirement for ANZSCO 312212 Civil Engineering Technician

    English language test

    Overall score

    Minimum score



    6 in learning, reading, writing, 7 in speaking 



    B in all sections



    Learning: 12

    Reading :13

    Writing: 21

    Speaking: 23



    50 learning, reading, writing, 65 in speaking

    Qualification Requirement ANZSCO 312212 Civil Engineering Technician

    • A qualification evaluated as equivalent to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Diploma or its equivalent in a discipline that is highly associated with civil engineering, including Civil Engineering or Engineering Drafting – Civil Design.
    • If the qualification is highly relevant, at least one year of after-qualification employment at a suitable skill level completed within the last five years is required

    Task perform by ANZSCO 312212 Civil Engineering Technician

    • Interpret and read technical plans, plans, and requirements.
    • Providing assistance in the design of structures and networks like roadways, bridges, structures, as well as water and sewage lines.
    • Performing examines and measures to figure out the asset’s limits and topography.
    • Developing and examining project expenditure projections and budgets
    • Ensure that you meet federal, state, and local laws and building codes.
    • Conducting material evaluations and tests in order to guarantee the durability and quality of building supplies.
    • Providing assistance with tasks related to project management including planning, budget monitoring, and coordinating with vendors and other participants.


    • Civil engineering technicians require an official degree or relevant professional experience, and their abilities have to be evaluated by an Australian authority, such as Engineers Australia.
    • Candidates have to show their ability to speak English by submitting results from an authorised English language test, including IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.
    • Whichever is the visa’s group, candidates may be subject to age limitations.

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    To summarise, the importance of ANZSCO 312212 Civil Engineering Technician can’t be exaggerated. Their knowledge and commitment make sure that construction initiatives are more than just plans on paper, they are tangible assets that benefit our communities and promote economic growth. Civil Engineering Technicians play an essential role in the development and maintenance of the critical infrastructure that underpins modern society, from supporting in planning and designing to overseeing building and ensuring compliance. With their dedication to excellence and duties such as protectors of advancement, they go on to shape an era filled with creativity and connection for future generations.


    Q1. What are the primary duties of an ANZSCO 312212 civil engineering technician?

    Civil engineering technicians are responsible for organising projects, layout support, construction oversight, assurance of quality, documentation, and reporting.

    Q2. What skills are needed to be an effective ANZSCO 312212  Civil Engineering Technician?

    Technical expertise in CAD software, dedication to detail, ability to solve problems, efficient interpersonal abilities, and an understanding of rules and industry norms are required for achievement in this position.

    Q3. What are the career opportunities for ANZSCO 312212 Civil Engineering Technician?

    Civil engineering technicians may advance to supervisory or management positions, specialise in areas such as structural engineering or transportation, or further their education for professional development.

    Q4. What are some of the challenges that Civil Engineering Technicians face in their roles?

    Challenges may include meeting tight project deadlines, dealing with technical difficulties during development, and staying current on changing regulations and developments in the field.