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ANZSCO 223211 ICT Trainer: Learn About Career Opportunity in Australia

The job of an ANZSCO 223211 ICT Trainer is very important in the fast-paced world of technology. These people build knowledge by creating and teaching training programs that give people the skills they need to use the complicated world of technological innovation. 

ANZSCO 223211 ICT Trainer

Let us take a quick look at what ICT Trainers do, what they need to be qualified for, and how they affect people. These people are very important for making sure that people have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the ever-changing world of technology.

Skill level

Level 1

A degree or certificate in education or information technology is usually required to work as an ICT trainer. Furthermore, it is usually assumed that candidates will have appropriate professional experience in fields like technical writing or IT assistance. To succeed in the ANZSCO Skill Level 1 role of information and communication technology (ICT) trainer, you need excellent communication skills and the capacity to explain complex ideas to people who aren’t technically savvy.

Skill Assessment Authority

ACS(Australian Computer Society )

Under ANZSCO 223211, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the competency evaluation authority for ICT Trainers in Australia. The ACS is assigned by the Department of Home Affairs to evaluate the competence and suitability of individuals employed in information and communication technology (ICT)-related professions, such as ICT Trainers.


Alternative Titles

  • ICT Educator

On the Occupation Lists:

  • Combines Skilled Occupation List (STSOL MLTSSL)
  • Short term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)
  • 457-Labour Market Testing Required for (LMTL)

Not on the Occupation Lists:

  • 457-Labour Market Testing Required (LMTL)
  • Medium Long Term Strategic(MLTSSL)

Job outlooks for ANZSCO 223211 ICT Trainer

Weekly Earning

$ 1696 AUD

Work full time hours


Growth upcoming 5 year


Gender share

47% female

53% male

Average full-time

42 hours

Skill level rating


Average Age

Male: 38

Female: 37

Persons: 47



ANZSCO 223211 ICT Trainer visa provision

Skilled occupation


Assessing authority

189 visa

190 visa






482(TSS medium term)

494(Regional sponsored)

ICT Trainer



English requirement

  • In IELTS score must be minimum 6 in learning, reading, writing, 7 in speaking and overall must be 7.
  • The OET score must be a minimum grade B in all sections.
  • In TOEFL iBT  score must be minimum learning 12, reading 13, writing 21, speaking 23 and overall must be 93.
  • In PTE Academic score must be minimum 50 in learning, reading, writing, 65 in speaking and overall must be 65.


  • Bachelor Degree or higher with a specialization in ICT, plus 5 years of appropriate work experience within the last 10 years (or 6 years at any point in your work history if the minor is not closely related).
  • Diploma in ICT and vendor certifications recognised by ACS as similar to an AQF Diploma .

Task performed by ANZSCO 223211 ICT Trainer

  • determining technical education requirements and needs for both individuals and organizations.
  • Setting HRD goals and assessing results for learning.
  • Manuals, visual guides, online courses, showing designs, as well as training reference documentation are examples of training materials and tools that are prepared and developed.
  • creating, organizing, planning, and carrying out ICT training and development programmes that can be provided in the form of private or group guidance, and allowing workshops, meetings, presentations, and seminars.
  • encouraging both internal and external development and training, and assessing these advertising efforts
  • Observing and carrying out continuous review and evaluation of training quality and effectiveness, as well as examining and altering the goals of training, techniques, and course outcomes.
  • Keeping track of the latest version releases, improvements to programming languages, application development software, and overall information technology movements.


  • Some states and territories offer exemptions to Australian graduates.
  • The Priority Skilled Lists in certain states/territories might include additional criteria.
  •  Candidates from countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Ireland are not required to submit IELTS or OET scores.
  • However, if essential licensing or registration requires proficiency in English, candidates must fulfill either the licensing/registration requirements or a minimum IELTS or related level, whichever is more strict.

Any Queries

If you’re experiencing any questions or need support with the occupation of ICT Trainer, please contact our staff of specialists at cdrastraliaengineer. We provide a variety of support for ICT qualified individuals, such as expertise and credentials assessments for immigration to Australia. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping you navigate the ANZSCO specifications and offering suggestions all over the entire procedure.


In the end, ANZSCO 223211 ICT Trainer are at the cutting edge of developing skills in technology. These experts make an important contribution to people’s flexibility and ability in the evolving information and communications technology environment by creating relevant training programmes and sharing critical skills. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, ICT Trainers play an increasingly important role in making sure that experts are prepared to face the challenges and take advantage of the possibilities of the digital era. Accepting a future of constant advancement, ICT Trainers play an essential role in developing a workforce that is capable of succeeding in a rapidly changing technological world.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the ANZSCO code for ICT Trainer?

The code for ANZSCO ICT Trainer is 223211.


What qualifications are needed for the position of an ANZSCO 223211 ICT Trainer?

Individuals interested in becoming ICT trainers typically have a degree in information technology, computer science, or another related field. Furthermore, industry certifications and excellent communication skills are required.


Can ICT trainers specialize in a specific area of technology?

Yes, ICT trainers can specialize in a variety of fields, including cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud computing, programming languages, and more. Specialization enables them to offer aimed and deep training in particular technological domains.


What is the career outlook for an ANZSCO 223211 ICT trainer?

With the constant advancement of technology, the requirement for skilled ICT Trainers will likely rise. The role provides diverse career opportunities in training, education, and consulting, resulting in an exciting field for those dedicated to  technology and education.