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    Are you searching for an excellent engineering summary statement writing for Australia? Are you planning to craft your summary statement? If the answer is yes, you are in the correct place. We have provided a comprehensive list of information you need to create a professional and impressive summary statement report.

    The final element of your CDR report is a summary statement, which is necessary for Engineers Australia’s Migration Skill Assessment Procedure. The CDR report provides evidence of the Applicant’s technical skills and their application in engineering. The applicants must evaluate their career episodes and include a cross-reference to the specific career episode in the summary statement. This post will give you some summary statement examples and samples for your reference to make the writing process simple for you.

    Format of Summary Statement for Engineering Australia

    The format of the Summary Statement is crucial in the assessment process of your CDR. The Migration Skill Assessment Booklet contains instructions for creating the summary statement from Engineers Australia. A table is used to produce the summary statement. Engineers Australia has developed specific competency components for each occupational group. Furthermore, there are several competency indicators linked to these skill components. The applicants must identify which positions and accomplishments in their career episode correspond to each indicator, and provide the appropriate justification for their choices.

    Summary sample for CDR Professional Engineering Australia

    The main objective of the Professional Engineer Summary Statement Sample is to comprehend the necessary elements, formats, and components that should be incorporated into the document.

    The Summary Statement needs to be prepared in a way that is both suitable and highly effective. Always show the readers and evaluators an early introduction to the CDR report.

    You now have a better understanding of how to craft an effective summary statement on your own. We have shared some tips on creating an accurate summary statement.

    1. Before writing your Summary Statement report, it is important to have a Career Episode prepared in the correct format as it determines the outcome of your evaluation for migration skills as an Australian engineer. Review your Career Episode once more to ensure it meets the requirements before beginning your Summary Statement report.
    2. When creating your career episodes, it’s vital to list them in paragraph form and label each paragraph with CE 1, CE 1.1, CE 2, CE 2.1, and so on. This labeling system allows for easier cross-referencing and provides indicators related to each career episode.
    3. To ensure successful career growth, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your competency indicators and regularly evaluate your career episodes.
    4. Your summary statement doesn’t need to be only one page long. Ensure that you include a summary of all your professional experiences, even though it’s not mandatory. Additionally, provide the best explanation for each competency indicator that you choose in your career episode report.
    5. You can use these summary statement examples for Engineers Australia as a guide to construct your summary statement.

    What should be in your summary statement?

    Summary statement template for Engineering Technologist provided by Engineers in Australia given below:

    Competency Element

    A brief sum of comprehensive

    knowledge of specialized fields of technology knowledge.

    Number of paragraphs in the episode(s)

    of your career where the element is discussed

    ET1.1 Knowledge and Skill Base

    ET1.1  Systematic, theory-based understanding of the underlying natural and physical sciences and the engineering fundamentals applicable to the technology domain


    ET1.2 Conceptual understanding of the mathematics, numerical analysis, statistics, and computer and information science that underpin the technology.


    ET1.3 Comprehensive knowledge of specialized fields of technology knowledge.


    ET1.4 Recognizing the growth of knowledge in the field of technology.


    ET1.5 Understanding of how context affects the technology domain


    ET 1.6 Understanding of the scope principles, norms, accountabilities, and the bounds of contemporary engineering practice in the technology domain 


    ET2 Engineering Application Ability

    ET2.Application of established engineering methods to broadly-defined problem solving within the technology domain.


    ET2.2 Application of engineering methods, resources, and technologies within the technology field.


    ET2.3 Application of engineering techniques, tools, and resources within the technology domain.


    ET2.4 Application of methodical techniques to the management and execution of technology projects



    ET3.1 Ethical conduct and professional accountability.


    ET3.2 Effective oral and written communication in the professional and lay domain 


    ET3.3 Creative, innovative, and proactive demeanor.


    ET3.4 Professional use and management of information 


    ET3.5 Self and professionally managed promptly


    ET3.6 Effective team membership and team leadership


    As you can see, there are 3 categories for the competency elements:

    1. Knowledge and skill Base
    2. Engineering Application Ability
    3. Professional and Personal Attributes

    1. Knowledge and skill Base: 

    In this section, you can represent your engineering-related knowledge and skills and include examples from your professional experience as supporting evidence. Try to include at least two of the indications from this section.

    2. Engineering Application Ability: 

    In this section, you must demonstrate your engineering skills, as well as how you have used your knowledge in the engineering field. You should cover at least three indicators from this part

    3. Professional and Personal Attributes: 

    In this section, you not only show off your engineering skills but also your personality, including your work ethic and communication skills.

    How Professional Experts Could Help You in Your Summary Statement Writing?

    When you are writing a career episode writing, you need a summary statement if you are discussing the backbone of the service. It contains an illustrated analysis of your skills and why you are the best candidate for the position you are looking for. This is the first step in your job, thus it needs to be curved with great skill and understanding. You won’t be able to land the position you want until it’s done correctly.

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    In conclusion, A strong summary statement is a crucial part of our CDR report that Engineers Australia will use to assess your technical ability and its application. You’ll be more prepared to write an interesting summary statement that effectively communicates your abilities and experiences if you follow the suggestions given in this article and use the examples given. Never forget that a strong summary statement can greatly improve your chances of getting hired for your selected engineering position in Australia.


    What is a summary statement in the context of Engineers Australia’s CDR report?

    The summary statement is a very essential part of the competency Demonstration Report(CDR) that Engineer Australia requires. It provides cross-references to certain career episodes and acts as proof of an applicant’s technical proficiency and engineering applicability.

    How does the format of the summary statement impact the CDR assessment?

    The format is an essential component of Engineers Australia which provides specific instructions for creating the summary statement. It’s presented in a tabular form, aligning competency components and indicators. Applicants show their skills and career experiences.

    Can I use a summary statement example as a guide?

    Yes, we can utilize the provided summary statement examples for Engineers Australia as a guide to structuring your content more effectively. These examples give you ideas on how to coherently portray your abilities and experiences.